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Friday, June 09, 2006

Looking At Cooking

Looking At Cooking - How To Fold in Egg Whites

Many recipes call for folding in the egg whites. I've heard many people say that they don't know exactly what that means so I would like to explain that now.

Folding in the egg whites, rather than stirring or mixing, incorporates the egg whites as lightly as possible so that the little bubbles of air that have already been beaten in to them will not break down.

To fold in the egg whites:

With a rubber spatula or spoon, cut straight down through the center, across the bottom and up the side of the bowl.

Give the bowl a quarter turn and repeat the folding action as lightly as possible until the egg whites are evenly dispersed throughout, taking care not to overwork the mixture.

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Looking At Cooking

Monday, May 29, 2006

Looking At Cooking

Looking At Cooking - Freezing Individual Portions of Meat

Before I share information about cooking, on this Memorial Day, I would first like to thank those wonderful, brave, men and women who have fought to keep our country, the good ol' U.S.A., free. I also want to thank those men and women who are currently serving in our military! THANK YOU!

Now, let's continue with some information about cooking.

Foods that individually frozen are very convenient for the person cooking. Just reach in the freezer and pull out exactly what you need without worrying about cooking to much or to little. This comes in real handy when those unexpected guests show up!

Here is how to freeze individual pieces of meat, or poultry.

Before freezing, be sure to wrap the individual pieces of meat or poultry with plastic wrap.

Arrange on baking sheets and freeze, uncovered, just until frozen. In order to preserve food quality, place frozen food in freezer bags or wrap in protective freezer paper or foil.

For fast and safe thawing, use the microwave to defrost meats being sure to follow the manufacturer's directions.

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Looking At Cooking

Monday, May 08, 2006

Looking At Cooking

Looking At Cooking - Cooking Tips

A lot of stress can come with cooking. Sure, cooking can be fun, but when you come in from a long day at work, you've picked up the kids from dance lessons or baseball practice, you still haven't spent time with your husband, but it's 7:30 p.m. and now you have to start cooking dinner, the thought of taking a nap on cement begins to seem cozy. This is where some handy cooking tips come in to play. Cooking tips can save you time and energy and increase efficiency.

I hope you enjoy these cooking tips:

Banana Mashing - For those of you who have arthritis this will be a helpful tip. When mashing bananas place the bananas in a metal mixing bowl and mash them with a pastry cutter. The rounded bowl sides and the shape of the cutter work well together.

This is Cheesey! - Grate cheddar and mozzarella cheeses together. Always grate some extra and put the extra in a resealable bag that way it will be ready for your next recipe.

Cooking Kabobs - Before cooking kabobs on bamboo skewers soak the skewers in water for a few minutes and they won't burn on the grill.

Cooking tips can prove to be very helpful even for the expert chef. These cooking tips will save you both time and energy.

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Looking At Cooking

Friday, May 05, 2006

Looking at Cooking

Looking at Cooking - Onions

You like them but they make you cry. Tears are strolling down your face as you squint just trying to chop IT without chopping your hand! The smell is strong enough to make you cough just a bit. Yep, it's the onion.

Be looking at your local supermarket for the new type of onion called Certified Extra Sweet (CES) Vidalias.

These new onions have a very mild taste but are supersweet in flavor.

They will be in limited supply because they are grown only in a small part of the Vidalia region of Georgia and require special cultivation.

The onions can be found from May through mid-June.

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Looking At Cooking

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Looking At Cooking

Looking At Cooking

Over the years there has been a lot of talk about the benefits or dangers of using butter when cooking.

As you may know, butter is derived from milk fat and is high in saturated fat and cholesterol but contains zero trans fats. Now, you may be asking "What is the difference between saturated fat and trans fats?"

Saturated fats do raise cholesterol and are found in animal products such as whole milk, steak and as discussed butter. Saturated fats are also found in tropical oils such as palm and coconut.

There are also man-made trans fatty acids which are by-products of heating polyunsaturated liquid vegetable oil in the presence of hydrogen. It is made this way so as to create a fat that remains solid at room temperature and will not ruin as quickly which makes it useful for cooking. The resulting partially hydrogenated fat is what to be concerned about. It's what can clog your arteries. NOTE: All fats are calorie dense so even good fats should be consumed in moderation.

Here's the low-down on butter:

One tablespoon of extra creamy unsalted stick butter has approximately 110 calories, 12 grams of total fat, and 8 grams of saturated fat.

With regular unsalted stick butter expect one tablespoon to have about 100 calories, 11 grams of total fat and 8 grams of saturated fat.

And last but least, yes, I said least because one tablespoon of whipped unsalted butter contains approximately 50 calories, 6 grams of total fat and 3.5 grams of saturated fat.

Long story short, some types of butter may be better for you than others but whatever butter you consume do so in moderation.

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Looking at Cooking

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Looking At Cooking

Looking At Cooking - Welcome

Looking At Cooking will be devoted to everything cooking. If you are searching for recipes, nutrition information, cooking tips or anything pertaining to fixin' up a good meal (that's East Texas talk) then this is for you!

Looking At Cooking